Beware of Fake PopSockets!

With such a meteoric rise in popularity across the globe, it may have been inevitable that our beloved PopSockets grips would face some unexpected foes (sad emoji face). At the end of 2016, some factories overseas began illegally manufacturing very poorly made fake PopSockets grips and some of those fake PopSockets have made their way into the retail and the promo industry.

PopSockets are protected by patent, both internationally and in the US, and these knock-offs are not only in violation of the patents that PopSockets, LLC owns, they are made so cheaply that they don’t even function. That’s why PopSockets and all its approved resellers (like us!) are spreading the word and doing everything we can to combat this problem.

You don’t want to associate your brand with the fakes that don’t function. We’ve seen them, and they are awful.

  • They break very easily — so easily that it happens while pulling them out of the packaging (email us for photos).
  • The glue does not stick.
  • They do not work with the PopMounts.
  • The custom imprint quality is very poor because the buttons are made from a much cheaper material.

Here’s how to spot a fake PopSocket Grip:

  • $1.00 – $3.00 Pricing: If you see promo PopSockets grips being sold online for $1.00 – $3.00 each, these are fake PopSockets.
  • 3M glue and backing: real PopSockets grips do not have a 3M branded adhesive sticker covering on the back.
  • The logo or retail design imitation looks faded, blurry or pixelated.
Fake PopSockets have 3M glue and backing.
This image shows the back of a real PopSocket (left) and the back of a fake one (right).
The flimsy components of fake PopSockets break easily.
This image shows a broken base from a fake PopSocket.  Many break just from pulling them out of the packaging.
Watch Kimbyrleigha's video: Real Vs. Fake PopSockets
Watch the full video about Real Vs. Fake PopSockets, from PopSockets super fan @Kimbyrleigha.