PopSockets for Promo

It's Your Brand, Everywhere

Why PopSockets for Promo?

Why choose branded PopSockets grips for your promotion or fundraiser? The reasons are simple:

  • They provide you with the most value for your promotional dollar
  • Once you have a branded PopSocket, you cannot live without it – it’s the promo item that NO ONE throws away

Better than a Super Bowl Ad for your brand!

Based on the number of public phone calls and texts that people make every day, branded PopSockets can generate up to 8,000 brand impressions per PopSocket per year*. This translates into a whopping 1670 impressions per dollar you spend.

In comparison, a $4 million Super Bowl ad has the potential to reach 100 million viewers, which generates roughly 25 impressions per dollar. Branded PopSockets will get your organization 67 times more impressions (and they are a million times cooler).

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*Estimate based on Business Insider, March 22, 2013, “CHART OF THE DAY: Kids Send a Mind-Boggling Number of Texts [3,800] Every Month.”