PopSockets for Weddings

Every bride and groom face a difficult decision when it comes to finding the perfect wedding favors for their big day. There are thousands and thousands of run-of-the-mill items you can choose from, but you want something that your friends and family will actually love –something that will help them celebrate the moment and remember your special day.

If this sounds like you, then look no further. Custom PopSockets grips are the perfect wedding favor for your loved ones. You can choose absolutely any design you’d like, from monograms to wedding logos to imagery/symbols taken from your wedding invitations, and we will print and package them individually for your big day. Not sure on the design? We can also help you create the perfect artwork to use.

Check out our PopSockets Weddings image gallery below to get a few design ideas from past customers who have made PopSockets their wedding favors of choice.