PopSockets Fundraisers

If you are looking for a fun, unique and highly profitable vehicle for raising money for your favorite chairy, school, sports tea, or any organization close to your heart, custom PopSockets grips are the answer.

Who wants to attend more bake sales or car washes? Give your family, friends and other generous supporters something they actually want (really, really love, in fact) and get the funds you need easily. When you are run the numbers, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s Just Good Math (#truth)

  • An order of 100 one-color custom PopSockets grips only costs $533.00 ($5.33/each)
  • Plain PopSockets grips singles (without your amazing custom design) sell online for $10.00/each + shipping, and custom PopSockets grips bought at retail cost $15.00/each plus shipping. So, you can easily sell yours for $12.00+/each
  • That means, you can make 2 times your money back or more with each fundraiser.

These PopSockets fundraisers have done so well, in fact, that they are now staples at school stores and school sports events, they have been used as gifts to incentivize donors for major events and more. Check out our Facebook page to see a sampling of the organizations that have used them.


2 PopSocket Fundraiser Programs to Choose From

  1. Buy 100 one-color custom PopSockets grips (i.e. a logo with one color in it) for $533.00 + free shipping
  2. Buy 25 custom PopSockets (no limit on colors in your logo!) and 75 retail design PopSockets for the same price. See full flyer describing this PopSockets fundraising program.